Arizona, Tucson , Benson, Vail area rv parks

Arizona, Tucson , Benson, Vail area rv parks

Hi, I was hoping some of you may know of some nice parking in this area. As you guys know Kev and I are attempting to stick around here for the summer, then do pumpkins and trees and head to Florida in January. Well I’ve got the itch..

Bad. .I need to move.

There are several reasons but the main one is I cant sit still any longer. so I was thinking just to try to find another park fairly close to work. Right now Kevin is driving over 100 miles a day for work and it’s hurting the pocket book a little..

I need some suggestions in and around Tucson. Anything within 20 miles of Tucson in any direction would work just fine. So if anyone has any info, spill the beans.?.?

Thanks everyone

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